Thursday, October 19, 2017

Taking A New Tack, Puting The Criminals Within the Government On The Defensive

O.K., so after all this time it is obvious that the government has WAY too much time on its hands breaking the law.  Now it's going to have something to do that is entirely defensive in nature without any benefit to any of them.

I'm still active in my lawsuit, and when I win, I will use that platform to deploy the information of how it's done and the results that can be expected with a minimum of tech. knowledge and cost.  It's not expensive, but all those rich people who are responsible for the damages are not going to be off limits!  You can literally force them to give it all back, with interest and all profits derived from their ill-gotten gains!

Also, if you decide to change the world, you can do what the feds did and change anyone's opinion about anything and get what you want! 

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