Friday, May 15, 2015


This blog is called "The Truth No One Is Going To Like" because it is going to touch everyone's life in such a terrible way that there is no up-side for anyone in the short-term.  It is going to be very painful for everyone on every level.  I have been unable to tell the whole story before now due to interference by some of the participants which prevented me from being able to tell it.  They discovered, in 1996, that I knew who they were and that is why they told me about a lot of things that were going to happen in the future hoping that eventually telling people about the circumstances by which I first heard about the following events would further erode my credibility.

This is a chronicle by a personal witness to the following.  I know these things because the vast majority of the most horrific acts were disclosed to me by the US Secret Service criminals who are responsible for the biggest crime spree in US history.  The disclosures were mostly in 1996, all far before the events actually occurred.  With the disclosures came exact dates in some cases; in all cases they came with extremely accurate details of both the events as well as the events that would follow, like they were part of an elaborate script.  Exactly the sort of thing that George H.W. Bush, former long-time director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, and primary architect of the conspiracy, is experienced doing.  He did similar things in other countries for decades before doing it here.

The truth about the years before and after September 11th, 2001 is horrific, filled with planning,  execution, and the reaping of the benefits of all of it by those participants who truly believe the ignorant can't beat them.  I am NOT ignorant and the participants working for the US Secret Service have gone to tremendous lengths to prevent me from telling this story with any credibility whatsoever.  They have murdered my father, my biggest (and most capable) supporter, sent me to prisons and jails repeatedly, used presidential security-level technologies on me and others around me to control outcomes they decided could be to my detriment or their advantage, or both.

They weren't working only for their own benefit, though there is much they want to hide about their own illegal activities.  They were acting illegally for the primary benefit of the Bush family (primarily George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush), Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfwitz, and so many more.  To give you just one quick example, they knowingly assisted in the overthrow of the US Government by helping George W. Bush to steal both elections, fully knowing that 90,000 votes would be excluded illegally in Florida by the Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, and W.'s brother, Jeb Bush (at the behest of the brothers' father, H.W.), and that there was going to be massive electronic voting fraud with the cooperation of participants working for or with Diebold (the corporation that makes all the voting machines).  They also knew and disclosed to me the exact date of the 9/11 attacks, the targets, flight numbers (with originating airports), the probable damage/casualty count, the use of this event to justify the wars (they even gave me the names of the military actions, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom).

There is so much more, and I will endeavor to get it all on here to memorialize what was said, when, how, why, and all of the rest of it.  I am also going to completely lay out the technologies and techniques of the US Secret Service's illegal activities so that other victims can identify their attackers accurately, and so anyone, with a little effort, can duplicate the results.

I'll try and list all of the events that were disclosed to me ahead of time in chronological order, but there are so many it will be difficult.

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